Love without evidence... is stalking.

The above quote is courtesy of comedian and incredible pianist, Tim Minchin. 

This is the lead up week to one of the largest purchasing days in the Western world. On average, a man will spend over $175 dollars on his Valentine. It is interesting to see this trend move into primary school and even day care with my kids. It is expected that everyone shows up with something this week and passes it around. Some make it to be 'Valentines' and some don't make the cut. It is a very early example of preference and following social norms.

Is this a Shotgun Romance?

I am all for a day that puts focus on our relationships and highlights what is hopefully one of the most wonderful things in our lives. It has turned a little gimmicky, though. As the quote above shows—love without substance is weird, and a little creepy. 

I have never been a person that follows fads or does things because other people expect me to. I joke that I am an oddity in the coffee business because I don't have tattoos, piercings, or wear tight pants. The coffee world is very full of showmanship. While I deeply appreciate the passion and interest of people that take part in barista championships and practice latte art at homethat kind of event is not for me. I like substance and connection over fleeting fads and window dressing. While a day put aside for Valentines is great, I like to try to add a little love and grace into all of my days, and often, that means working in the roastery to create the Patrick's Beans blends you know and love.

Dark & Brew'ding Love

Some people feel a bit dark about the whole Valentine's Day idea, but there is something to be learned from the hallmark holiday. If you can make someone feel special and appreciated every day, it can make their day brighter and spread the feeling throughout the year.

Also, don't forget to treat yourself to a Valentines. If you can’t treat yourself, it can be hard to remember to give something special to others. The easiest way? A cup of hot brewed coffee, tea, or, perhaps a cure to every calamity and crisis, better known as our favourite chocolate-covered coffee beans