About Us

Patrick’s Beans is a local London coffee roastery. Patrick himself is a master roaster and professional chef. He oversees the preparation of every bean, roasting them in small batches to tightly control quality and consistency. Every bean is fresh, organic and ethically sourced. Patrick’s Beans is all about supporting local communities, through local fundraising programs and the Beanstalk Project™. One percent of every batch roasted is donated to local emergency shelters and food aid programs. Since it’s founding in 2014, Patrick’s Beans has grown to service more than 60 restaurants, cafes and retail clients in the Southwestern Ontario region.

Patrick's Beans


For every business decision, we ask ourselves three questions:

Is it good for people?

Is it good for local communities?

Is it good for the environment?


We're interested in building long-term relationships that benefit everyone. It’s about working with great people, using only the best all-natural ingredients. Our beans are ethically sourced, traded directly from the farmers who grow them.


Through our Beanstalk Project™, one percent of ALL our roasted beans are donated to local emergency shelters and food aid programs. We heavily support fundraising for community groups and not-for-profits.


Our roastery is 100% bullfrog powered - reducing our emissions footprint and supporting the growth of renewable energy in Canada. Our coffee bags are completely biodegradable.

Businesses should be about creating the change we want to see in the world. The big problems can seem overwhelming; the world is filled with angry giants. But even the smallest business has the ethical responsibility to make a difference. When we work together, a lot can grow from just a handful of beans.