The virtues of decaf. Don't have a cow man ...just have half.

When I turned 40, I was wondering what to get myself for my birthday. Like any responsible person I settled on my first physical from my doctor. It was a lot easier than I feared, thank goodness for modern blood testing, but what came from it was a diagnosis of exploding heart syndrome, or super high blood pressure. It was determined that I should give up salt, coffee and eat less meat. So long anchovies, olives, cheese and so many other beautiful things. Coffee was also easy to stop, after quitting smoking a number of years ago everything else is easy. It was very strange though, being "The Coffee Guy" but not being able to drink any coffee. During my first head chef position 20 years ago I was a vegan but still cooked and tasted and served meat, I just didn't partake. I figured I could do the same thing with coffee hoping that it wouldn't be too long.

Three months later, with the help of great personal trainers and changing my diet, my blood pressure started to level out. I was having small sips of coffee at customers' places but I was also being very careful. The tightness in my chest that I thought was just about turning 40, I didn't want to return. As summer ended and days got a little cooler I started to drink decaf at home which I really enjoy. When people are over I serve Half Calf, and you cant even tell (except by heart rate) that it is cut with decaf coffee.